Health Check after the Longest Holiday of the Year

How’s your health after the long holiday season?  The food was surely fantastic during the holiday celebration, from fats to sweets, cola to liquor.  Perfect! For a person who want to die early.  How about you?

It’s not a sin to eat and drink all you can, but be careful when you do so.  Your tummy might take more than it could chew but your heart can only take so much.  It won’t hurt to watch your heart.  Your heart is precious, treat it as such.

5 Keys to a Healthy Heart:

  1. Keep your waist-to-hip ratio in check
  2. Eat mindfully
  3. Listen to your doctor
  4. Get moving
  5. Quit smoking

These 5 keys is the simplest habit you should practice.  Be a brand NEW YOU this brand New Year!

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One Response to “Health Check after the Longest Holiday of the Year”

  1. hey good one yar..seems reached here late..but enjoyed the post n comments

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