Losing Weight without Counting Calories

Some people believe they will successfully lose their excess fats by counting calorie intake.  I also make it a habit to count every calorie I put in my mouth, and I ended up craving for more of the foods I intended to avoid.  As a result, I gained more weight than losing it.  A disaster, I should say.  That was not what I want.  I would like to enjoy all the foods I would take, that’s what I really love to do.

Proper Way to Handle Calories:

New food labeling practices helps us to monitor our calorie intake.  This is great news!  I agree that we should track our food and drink intake for a while when we start losing weight.  However, each of our human body vary from the other, and each human body has a unique metabolic type.  This only means that the charts that say if you are 5’4” woman you should eat 1,400 calories per day is not as accurate as you believe.

There are some limitations with calorie counting technique.  What I did and probably the best way in weight management program, was to track my food intake but fill my body with real foods that were satisfying and big enough portions to sustain my energy at the same time.

Then I discovered some of these foods that curve my cravings.  What foods am I talking about?

Have you tried real butter, whole eggs, olive oil, and raw nuts?  Have you ever eaten these foods and noticed how you feel full for longer hours?  You would probably control your calorie intake without counting it.  Your tummy will get use to it in a while and you’ll start be satisfied on these foods.

You’ll be amazed with the result when you follow a rational weight management diet like this.  You can expect to drop 3 to 10 pounds the first week and then after that, it will keep dropping each week while you feel energized and motivated.

Keep it up and you will surely earn the perfect figure you always wanted.

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One Response to “Losing Weight without Counting Calories”

  1. This is very, very interesting stuff! If you are willing and able, can you tell us some more about the daily exercises from class? They sound like important, tiny steps to a better life

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