Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

My mother’s high school classmate just died a few months ago from a heart attack.  He was young and healthy in his early thirty’s and none of us anticipate him to be suffering from high blood pressure.  Fact is, hypertension or high blood pressure has at times been referred to as a traitor illness.  You would not notice that your blood pressure is already above the normal range “120/80” unless an actual reading is taken.  Thus, it’s very crucial to know how to lower your blood pressure.

Every day you eat various kinds of food.  Little did you know that what we intake reflects your blood pressure.  One part of your body that takes charge of cleaning all unnecessary, excess and dirty fluids in your system is your kidney.  It’s very special and unique, tiny cells cluster simultaneously to form a filter and directs the waste fluids to the bladder that goes out of your body in the form of urine, perspiration, tears, etc .  On the other hand, this “cell filter’ is preserved through a sole balance of sodium and potassium.  When there is an increase of sodium in your body, the balance is disrupted and a subsequent increase in your blood pressure occurs since there is an increase of your body fluids.  Hence you must avoid eating food that are reach in sodium content like canned goods and frozen food.

To reduce the effect of sodium and salt in your body, you should increase your potassium level by eating fruits and vegetables.  Plus you will get the vitamins and minerals found in each fruit.  Some of these fruits that are high in potassium are papaya, banana, fresh pears, avocados, melon, and other fruit juice and sweet potatoes.

In order to lower you blood pressure naturally, a change in your lifestyle is a requirement.  Night outs and late night parties with your peers have always been a component of enjoyable life.  Yet, it is sensible to control your drinking and smoking because too much alcohol in your body can effortlessly trigger an increase in blood pressure.

Without ruining the excitement, follow these easy tricks to minimize your alcohol intake:

  1. When choosing a drink, go for those with lower strength or low alcohol content.  With plenty of choices in the market, this is never a problem so opt for the lesser evil.
  2. If you can’t one, try to mixers or water and lots of ice.  Let the ice melt down so that your drink will last longer.
  3. Finally, make an effort to avoid peanuts and crisps that you can order from the bar. The salt content in this food snacks will make you thirsty and make you want to drink more.
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  1. Whats the best way to prevent stretch marks and get rid of them!! from losing weight?

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